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Frequently Asked Questions

myimageDo I need to be a member of Club Allstar to rent Batting cages?

Our batting cages are facilities are available to the public for rentals. (check availability)

check When are cages open?

Cage are available for rental throughout the week and require an appointment.

check How'd do the cages work?

We no longer have coin operated batting cages, all cages will require someone to pitch to the player or a machine may be used.
Machines< will also require someone to feed the ball.


When do you conduct tryouts?
Tryouts are conducted in July of each year for ages 8U-14U. College Development team tryouts are conducted in January each year.

check What is the length of commitment?

Club All Star teams are a year long commitment. We start playing in September and run an intensive training program while playing 20+ tournaments through June of the following year.

check How often do you practice?

CAS teams practices twice a week with an optional third practice available each week.
All practice sessions are 2.5-3 hours in length.

check Where do CAS teams play?

We play within a 1.5 hour radius of Stockton including Manteca, Sacramento, Santa Clara. Select teams also travel to Southern Ca, Las Vegas, New York, Florida, Georgia and Arizona.

check Can fields be rented?

Fields are available for rent throughout the week.
All rentals are subject to field availability and weather.
All three fields have lights.