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  • 1 Hour - $70
  • B.A.R. Testing $40
Baseline Assessment Report measures:
  1. Repetitions (Off the Hitting Tee, Off of live pitching)
  2. Average Ball Exit Velocity (Speed of Ball off the Bat in MPH)
  3. Maximum Ball Exit Velocity
  4. Average Distance (Ball Flight in Feet)
  5. Maximum Distance
  6. Average Launch Angle (Measures Average Trajectory of Ball Flight)
  7. Batting Average (Against a simulated defense at your skill level)
  8. Slugging Percentage (Against a simulated defense at your skill level)
  9. Line Drive Percentage
  10. Fly Ball Percentage
  11. Ground Ball Percentage
  12. Hard Hit Average (Percentage of Hits at 90-100% of your Maximum Ball Exit Velocity)
  13. LDH (LD % plus Hard Hit Average)
  14. Percentage of Hits to Each Field (LF, CF, RF)
Advanced Analytics:
  • Spray Chart (Hit & Outs plotted in the field, where the fielder algorithm picks up the batted ball)
  • Pitch Tracker (Tracks pitches in 5 zones at the plates, and charts hits per zone)
  • Launch Angle vs Ball Exit Velocity Graph (LA vs MPH, with %’s of hits in each launch angle range of 5°)

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